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Marriage proposals in Venice

Venice is not only a wedding destination, but it has become one of the top choices for a romantic marriage proposal! Of course, a marriage proposal should always be surprise, so every single detail has to be organised to make the moment perfect…. You have to be willing to lie if necessary, but it’s all for a good cause 😉

Before preparing a package for a client, I like to have a little background information on the couple so I can find the right situation for any type of request. It is very important for me to know each couple’s story and this approach absolutely makes the difference in the organisation of such a romantic moment.

From my experience, a marriage proposal on board a gondola is the most typical marriage proposal, but if you want something different, I am happy to give you a long list of options based on your wishes and budget. You have a lot of choices and I will make sure you choose the one that will leave your partner absolutely speechless (except for the word, YES!!!).

Of course, this kind of event needs a lot of planning and organisation. I am at your disposal for any last-minute details, but be careful so that your partner does not get suspicious while you constantly check your messages during your trip, even if we know it’s only to prepare the last few details of your proposal 🙂

Even if the marriage proposal only lasts a few minutes, I have a lot of work to do behind the scenes and the sooner we start the better the emotional impact of such a short moment.

Giulia & Rocco

Giulia & Rocco