Events & Travel experience

Coming in Italy for your wedding it is also the right occasion to relax for the ordinary life. For this reason, if you are thinking to enjoy the area of your choice with private tours, excursions and various activities, or other kind of events (rehearsal dinner, welcome cocktail, brunch, wine tasting…) you have at your complete disposal my knowledge of the area and my wide partnerships for any kind of experience in Italy.

It happens very often that, during the planning or directly the days of the wedding, I get in contact with so different guests and often I establish a good relation also with them. It is not rare that same guests, after the wedding contact with me to plan their wedding or other special events.

Being proud to be Italian, I always try to put myself in the client’s shoes, wondering what I would like to have during a trip and such important event. So if I am able to make the trip and the event a special experience out of the ordinary,  I definitely achieve my goal.

The mass tourism in Italy is something that we know very well, above all Venice, where there are more tourists than residents. Of course I am very sensitive to this issue, especially because I live in the city that is mainly threaten by the mass tourism. If I am able to transmit the life the city as a resident, to teach the respect of such a fragile city and valorise the small corners of the city far from the crowd, I assure you that you will have completely a different point of view of your holiday.