When I first meet a couple, I don’t bring my CV with me and show them all my qualifications and skills on planning an event.

The first meeting is dedicated to the couple and is spent talking about the most important day of their life.

Can you imagine listening to someone talk about their university career, or experience in the fashion industry, their travels around world…. bla bla bla! There is plenty of time for that later. If you are here then you are looking for someone different, because online we all seem like professionals.

First of all, I am not married, or not yet. This usually surprises a lot of people. I am also not very romantic, and in a profession where love is the protagonist, this seems a bit weird. But…I am a great planner. This special characteristic is genetic and means I can efficiently plan and organise an event. It comes easy to me.

It is a talent, like many others. I know exactly what I need to do to plan an event, who to contact, the schedule and program, and how to solve any kind of problem or inconvenience with an aptitude that sometimes even surprises me.

What makes this talent absolutely perfect for weddings? I love people. I love communicating with them and I love the relationship of trust that is built step by step with a couple. This makes me absolutely proud of my job because I know that I am personally responsible for such an important day. Working for foreign couples is extremely important because they have no idea how things work in my beautiful country. You can understand how important it is that they trust me. This is something fundamental for each of us. I will be their point of reference, working for them at a distance. It is a risk that I understand perfectly. This is why I try to make them feel absolutely comfortable right from the very time we meet until their big Day.

In this presentation, I want to be completely honest with you: I don’t like working on a big number of weddings, as each one deserves my full attention and energy. This doesn’t mean that I only like organising big weddings, because I also really love to organise small groups and romantic elopements for two. What I don’t like is to work with standard programs or certain locations or the same suppliers for each couple. I don’t have any exclusive commercial agreements because I want to be totally free to find the perfect venue and to work with different suppliers according to the style, atmosphere, and mood of your wedding.

With this in mind, you can totally understand why I make trust a priority, so that the planning goes smoothly for me but especially for you. You won’t have to worry about a thing and if there is something that doesn’t convince you, just let me know and I will find the best alternative according to all the possibilities available.

Working in a city like Venice, with all its special characteristics, I unfortunately had some situations where the clients decided to do what they wanted without listening to my ideas. Needless to say, I ended up having to fix the problems caused by their decisions. For this reason, the choices for the wedding planning will be a two-way street. You will have all the time to get to know me (preferably online) and discuss your ideas and how you want the day to go and what you would like. From this end, I will have all the elements at my disposal to prepare a presentation tailored specifically to your needs, and we can start to build that relationship that I like so much.

No prearranged packages

If you are looking for prearranged packages, this is not the website for you and I’m sure you will be able to find many competent professionals that can meet your request.

Perfectly match

The Italian wedding industry has a myriad wedding planners, event planners, wedding designers and so on, so I am sure there is one suitable for each couple, provided that there are clients that perfectly match my requirements of the “ideal” couple.

Start working for you

Said that, if you feel you have the right attitude to work with me and to establish a transparent relationship right from the beginning, please contact me. I look forward to reading your request and to hopefully start working with you!